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The Defumation is one of the oldest forms to purify environments and people. It works through the scent that is released by the herbs. It is about self-care and the importance of personal rituals that keep us alive and satisfy our souls.

The Ritual Smoker is a blend of sacred herbs specially pressed (tablet). These tablets have a variable shape. But are usually triangular. The rite reaches its purpose through the scent and the smoke. This is how the specific objectives of each are achieved.

The Ritual Herbal Candles are specially prepared to achieve a goal. The colour of the candles is very important. In conclusion, the color of the candles changes according to the ritual.

Aromatic resin. Absolutely the oldest type of incense. The use of resin as an aromatic substance dates back to over six thousand years. Today we can literally recreate the same aromatic essence in our home.

Incense sticks are easy to use, just light the end and wait for it to glow and blow out the flame. Then put it in a container of incense and enjoy the wonderful perfume. Incense materials are available in various degrees of processing.

Incense cones, exotic fragrances. Light the tip of the cone with a matching, lighter or conical. After that blow the flame and let the incense cone release the smoke. To have an environment infused with its scent.

In conclusion we have listed the various types of rituals.
In herbs, with smokers, with herbal candles, various types of incense (example: grains), incense stick, cones incense. The choice is yours.
Some rituals are accompanied by prayer.