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Stick Incense

Ideal for: meditation, yoga, or simply to relax and reconcile sleep.

The word incense comes from the Latin “incedere”, which means “to burn”.

Produced with plant elements, and often with the addition of essential oils.

It is used for various reasons: ceremonies, even just as a deodorant, or against insects.

Let this aroma fill your rooms, and create a wonderful atmosphere.

The best spices, herbs, floral extracts, exotic oils and other natural ingredients, and cleverly mixed for their positive influence.

– Respect for the environment

– No child labor used

– Free from toxic substances

Ancient wisdom, he gives us this incense,original, spiritual for the spirit and for the body.
That arouses many moods.

Incense sticks, burns direct combustion, composed of a paste, around a bamboo stick,

which burn releases a smoky fragrance.

Burning Incense Stick: light the stick and place it in the incense container.

Hold the stick with your hand. The stick will automatically turn on on the surface, when you see the flame,

blow to turn it off. When it starts smoking, this is the time to put it in the incense stick holder.

ATTENTION: away from curtains, fabrics, and away from children and animals.