Home Incense


Absolutely the oldest kind of incense and in exactly the same form as used by the three wise men two thousand years ago.

Can literally recreate ancient aromatic history in their own homes.

Bring the mystic middle east to your home today.

Some cultures use incense to welcome guests or to clean the houses from bad spirits.

The smoky fragrance produced by burning resin on charcoal disks.

A word of warning – DON’T add too much resin at first, because it produces a LOT of smoke! Also if you use too much, the temperature of the charcoal can be reduced, and you can end up with a nasty-smelling cloud of steamy smoke (from the small amount of moisture always present in the resin). Start with no more than about 2 grams of resin – that’s approximately a quarter of a level teaspoonful.

Once that’s burned away and the smoke begins to thin out, add a small amount more. Don’t remove the ash unless it starts to smell bad. If it does, gently scrape it off with a spoon before adding more resin.

If the effect is too smoky for your taste, you can deliberately reduce the temperature by putting a small piece of kitchen foil between the charcoal and the resin – just one thickness is enough to slightly moderate the heat, and give a more “mellow”, less acrid fragrance. (This is a modern variation on the traditional Japanese method of heating incense on a thin sheet of mica over burning charcoal in the Koh Do ceremony – but kitchen foil is a lot easier to find than mica!) Don’t be afraid to experiment, to see what gives the effect you like best.