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Jute Gift Bags

With round cane handles and clear windows, these bags give a nice homely feel and show off your gifts.

These simply and elegant gift jute bags are Eco-friendly as they are re-usable and recyclable.

So are perfect if you are trying to keep your packaging as environmentally-friendly as possible whilst providing a stunning and sturdy gift bag for your customers.

They are brilliant for packing small items and can be used for nearly any occasion. Whether it’s birthday, Wedding or Christmas these jute bags will do the job.

Jute bags are not only natural and elegant looking. It is a light but strong material which is perfect for carrying.

Luxury Bamboo Gift Boxes

These boxes are made from natural bamboo, each one is hand worked by slatting the bamboo into a stylish box with lots of uses.

Not only would they make a delightful gift boxes, but also a storage boxes for small items, perhaps for bathroom toiletries.

Bamboo holds the promise of a sustainable, cost effective, and ecologically, not to mention the quality.

They are lightweight boxes, easy to open and close, very practical and functional, and very elegant too,

Kashmiri Carved Boxes

These beautiful hand-crafted Kashmiri Carved Wooden Boxes are intricately carved with huge detail in the Kashmir fashion.

Imported from India these stunning boxes are ideal for trinket boxes, jewellery boxes, storing cards or cigarettes and would make a perfect gift!

They originally used in Kashmir.

Kashmiri Carved Boxes will look lovely in any room.

Order some today to bring some style and culture to your home.

Colonial Boxes – Gold Panel

Hand crafted wooden boxes with an unique antique feeling.

Made as replica antique boxes and even aged to look old.

They all have a nice chunky brass catch and some have metal or old leather effect panels.
These boxes have a distinct colonial charm but don’t expect perfection, designs, sizes and finishes may vary.

Made from plywood and various decorative trims.

Great for repackaging gifts, as trinket boxes or as old world jewellery boxes. We think they are great value.